Traffic Counter Strike Shoot

Do you love real sniper 3D shooter game? If so, then here, you can experience the most real traffic sniper war.
Our army is going to guard the city. We’ve planned a sniper hiding in the building to strike terrorists in full swing. You need a clear view, and as an independent sniper, you have to be the main force in stealth sniper shooting. Some vehicles hide enemy enemies and your sniper shooting power will be fully utilized here. If you use modern sniper weapons to target your sniper clearly and authentically, then the glory of victory will be ours. This is not a simple 3D sniper shooting game but a sniper assassin game where you have to fight the enemy’s army.
Go to the battlefield, show your excellent shooting ability and combat skills, dominate the battlefield. Rescue the city and the people and become the people’s hero!
Traffic Counter Strike Shoot Features:
– First person shooter
– Real 3D battlefield environment
– HD 3D graphics
– A lot of powerful sniper rifles
– sophisticated radar system
– Various challenging missions
– Amazing music and sound effects

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