Counter War: Sniper Attack 3D

Participate in a competitive battle in the most capable portable FPS. Currently, the game offers 3 game modes: TDM & FFA & NORMAL Buy skins to customize your favorite weapons. This game is designed for players who enjoy the latest FPS, shooting games.

The team plays as the leader of the special forces to strike at the castle and fight with the brutal armed militants who are fighting.


– Excellent graphics for FPS

– 3 game modes

– Real Thousands of online players


3 different game modes: TDM & FFA & NORMAL

2 different teams

8 Game cards of legends

Wonderful graphics

Functions such as sound bombardment, manual bombardment

20 different amazing customized weapons.

How to play?

Create a player profile for the first time Make more choices by choosing a language (7 languages)

If you want to install a new game, you can click “New Room” to create a new room

When you build 4 rooms, you need to choose between two different teams. Selection against the terrorist team. After you have made your choice, You can buy weapons against bombs on your money with Market Botunun within 10 seconds after the start of the game.

How is your special room?

If you want to play only with your friends, activate the Private room option when creating a new game. What you need to know is the name of your room, the quality of the password. Your friends will need to give you the name of your room.

Counter War Sniper 3D If you want our games to come to our other favorite cards and other functions, you know.

Good games! The game is tough.


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