Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike

Maybe you are our zombie game fans,and here we are happy to share with you our new product :Counter Terrorist-Critical Strike(CT-CS)
Our developers are the hardcore classic FPS game fans,we spent huge effort to bring this kind of classic game into your portable devices.

Game control:

☑Left 1/3 screen is for moving,right 2/3 screen is for aiming.

☑When you aim the target,your weapon will fire automatially,giving you a much easier FPS game control.

☑You can prepare your bullets before battling,or auto buy bullet in the battle.

Game tips

☑Auto shooting,you only need to do is to place the crosshair on the target,the best way to play FPS on portable devices.

☑You can tweak your control sensivity in your pause menu,fit all the android devices here.

☑Auto buying bullets in the battle,save your precious time

Game features:

☑Classic but gorgious battlefields

☑Classic but powerful weapons

☑Classic but easier control

☑Classic but wide fit gameplay,you can choose the easy mode or the hell mode

☑Classic dagger battle,when you run out of your bullets,don’t forget your dagger



  1. Awesome game ! Best ! Keep it up ! Plz add new maps and character ! Add new weapon category like pistol , rifel and more ! Game is best ! Map improvement needed !

  2. From right side control is not good…..must control your moving from all of screen not just right side,and the life line is only one….it’s not good make it minimum 2 time….

  3. It’s not so good something is missing if we have our team in this game then it will interested for e. g 4 to 5 any person which will make team then it Will interested ???

  4. I love it, but in hell mode i have a issue with one lvl…. Basically, i’m stuck up in the sky….. and is not going down or something… and i can see all the terorist how the come around me ( on minimap ) i didn’t have this probleme before or on previous levels. Some help?

  5. Buying sniper is so difficult… and there should be something to recover health also…Moreover you should add more levels too..

  6. Niii aata h bnane game to kaahe bnate ho suar 36 mb tera baap dega Mera Jo download krne me brabaad hua h……wrost gaming control

  7. Installed & Uninstalled in just a day. This game is hell bent on showing us ads before every action, even before going to precios menu.

  8. Annoying ads at every point.. i am giving 1 star only for ads interruption. Game is good but i think no need to display bunch of ads at every point. Really annoying.

  9. Great game. Buying the sniper rifle is tough but I reached till M4 ! Dont buy the XM1014 and avoid the Kalashnikov too. At the final 3 levels of both the modes be careful the enemies will respawn..

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