Counter Terrorist : Special Force Attack Strike

Counterterrorist: Special Forces

Play modern shooting archery free of charge, meet a terrorist attack, a cannon war game and a successful successful shooting game with a powerful weapon to counterattack on the enemy. the enemy struck the city, modern military strike forces deployed for a counter strike by pistols of opponents. A flash sniper shooter will accompany you during the first antiterrorist counter-terrorist attack in this fight against a terrorist attack. In this fight against the terrorist attack, shooting is the best among the rest of the free army shooting games and sniper games for simulation, and they have powerful weapons, a team of powerful AI bots. Soldier game player likes to play against the terrorist attack weapons war of war, the war on terror. Play this war with terrorist shooting and win the war with a flaming sniper and a major blow of the pistol.  Counterterrorist: A special blow to force attacks is the first person’s warfare. You are a brave killer in the army, destroying terrorists who mask, arm AK47, M4 and inflict destructive weapons. Try to surround the terrorists so that these ferocious terrorists have nowhere to run. the shock of the fire head from the AI ​​bots and the competing fire in the modern counter-attack. Protect yourself and other soldiers during the counter-terrorist attack. pick-up from the enemy, a medical box for capturing and protecting combat players from counter-terrorist shooting during missions.

We invite you to the modern army Counter Terrorist: Special Force Attack Strike, aimed at shooting from deadly enemies and terrorists in the city and in different conditions of war 3D, crazy wild terrorists, loaded with heavy guns, shooting games on the battlefield – is a new style of destruction evil plan and power of terrorists. To shoot deadly enemies on the streets of the city is not easy, because in your city there is an enemy strike, where the number of terrorists is in search of you on city roads, where you strive to aim at them with the help of powerful elite army weapons and hunt down cruel enemies in the city in order to strengthen peace. cross fire, as legends of the antiterrorist struggle against the terrorist killer in the fight against the terrorist open war. Counter Terrorist: Special Force Attack A strike that plays in the fight against terrorist open games with a war in the war. battle fighters in games fps black operations in the middle of the night, blood and chaos in a dead war and the killing of those killed during a shock strike of a major real weapon attack in a 3D game. shoot enemies-killers on border wars and the battlefield, gives a huge experience in the fight against terrorism. Therefore, you need to show your best snipers, shooting, quick sighting and fighting skills to destroy terrorists, “do not let them escape from your attack.

You are the most courageous, brave, fearless critical special shooters shooting from the combat command, so you were the call of the command for us in the mission to save the army. .Commando fight with a terrorist attack to kill a terrorist in this sniper arena on the battlefield army with a group of commandos with blood and chaos war of colonial conquest art will kill a terrorist soldier open war in swat strike weapons war games weapons war tactical shooting rivals war strike war on an open military counter terrorist and gun strike kills the killer with a terrorist meeting of the soldier detachment strikes and fighting terrorists in the battle zone. Kill your enemy, let them scream. Aim them with machine gun bullets like a killer. take action with army training games, kill a shot bravely shooting a man. Ranger bots are ready to fight among you. You are the best secret combat stock of the special forces of the combat army of the US Army.


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