Counter Terrorist Gun Strike CS: Special Forces

Here is a real desert temple shooting and fighting game available on play store, you may have played a lot of shooting games but Counter Terrorist Gun Strike CS: Special Forces game will give you a different experience. If you have been a real desert temple shooter then you would really enjoy playing this action and best fighting and shooting game. Counter Terrorist Gun Strike CS: Special Forces is a military and army battle game for free 3D full army shooting, modern shooting combat, action simulation and fighting game and best for them who are addicted and vigorous army fan and for shooting player and be a skilled frontline shooter. You are a secret agent kill enemies by a counter-attack. This game is so addictive multi-level game with an aim to offer ultimate shooting experience.
Welcome to download and play this Counter Terrorist Gun Strike CS: Special Forces game. There is a beautiful an extremely realistic game environment in the desert temple. If you are a crazy fan of terrorist or killer games then play this Counter Terrorist Gun Strike CS: Special Forces game. It’s really awesome with a different mission in the desert temple game and perfect 3D graphics make you feel immersive. This game is all about thrill and shooting action. You are a train commando shooter and you sent a mission to kill the terrorist and criminal that destroy the peace of the country. The terrorist team spread terrorism for quite short time and it’s time to play back in this breathtaking action war auxiliary weapons shooting game with heavy weapons and ammunition. Counter-terrorist game and commando shooter game with thrilling games and make you a skilled army shooter. You have to be very sharp to fighting and shooting and attack your terrorist until time will be over. Otherwise, time goes to the end and you will be lost. Put him on the head and make a headshot and if your aim goes wrong they can kill you. In this game you can show your own shooting and fighting skills, destroy the enemies and complete the missions. Remember your mission and you need to destroy the entire evil terrorist
The game provides you with much-advanced varieties of high-tech military weapons that have just arrived take head of the terrorist with this equipment and make your better experience of shooting. A weapon like AK47, M4, machine guns, shotguns, sniper, pistols, rifles, MP5, medical kits, and handguns. Pick and reload your rifle stare down and open the lens, zoom the target, locate aim, inhale, pull the trigger, shooting, kill. To open next level, you have to clear the previous mission. You have a limited time to shoot your enemies in the desert temple in all missions.
FEATURE OF Counter Terrorist Gun Strike CS: Special Forces
– Great graphics for FPS game
– Real Thousands of online players
– Counter CS
– Gun and Strike war


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