Counter Strike – Street War

Shooter is a game in which players have divided two teams. Every goal or complete elimination of the team’s attempts to team opposition. And start until the round is determined by any team will the winner of all players have only one life and start by default with a gun, and also with a knife. Players can buy a virtual weapons store with a $ 1,600 balance of credit default for each player in and you can make money when winning.

Goals vary depending on the type of game room defined by the designer, that they are the most common:

1 – Normal mode:  Convince the team to begin the task of landing the bomb in certain places on the map and every time it is selected for the casual player and give it a bomb and if the rest of the team members help him in the piece when the mission success and blow up the bomb are considered a victory for the team.

Another team to proceed with the task of preventing the laying of a bomb or the killing of property, and when withdrawing is a team victory .. In the event of the death of one of them, one will watch and wait for the completion of the task of the other team Or, when all the team members lost their team’s other victories.

2 – FFA mode: In this task there is a team with another, and every person who kills more is a winner and each gives him a new life again at the same moment.

3 – Development of TDM In this task, there are two teams, and the goal is to kill more than the other teams and all this opportunity to give it a new life again at the same time it is the most use of the status.

Features: Several players – Internet

3 different conditions

Two maps (the Arabic map contains Arab buildings, a Palestinian map, Palestinian murals)

20 weapons

5 pistols

4 light weapons

5 heavy weapons

2 hunting rifles

3 The Sniper

2 hand grenades (Flahabang, Ahjrnad)


Easy design for mobile devices Seven languages ​​(Arabic, English, German, Russian, French, Swedish and Turkish)


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