Counter Attack Modern Strike is a free FPS counter global strike modern shooter.

Critical Strike is a rapidly evolving modern multiplayer terrorist game FPS. Are you a fan of old battles against terrorists? Here is some news for you: in real time there is a best 3D first-person shooter. Take part in the forefront of the battlefield of the critical strike!

Play with friends or other players, you will like the experience of shooting on your mobile device! It’s FREE for a limited time! Compete with people around the world and demonstrate your skills.


★ AAA quality modern graphics with easy control!

★ 6 cards to try different tactics!

★ 8 fighting game modes to play with friends and around the world players!

★ 30 Weapons: weapons, pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades!

★ Small size (45 MB, no extra downloads)

★ Perfect optimization even for weak devices!


✪ Team Deathmatch

✪ Team vs. Team battle (terrorist group of terrorists against terrorists)

✪ Free for all

✪ He is killed or killed. Kill other players as many times as you can.

✪ Destroy the Bomb. The terrorist team will make a bomb. The counter team detonates the bomb.

✪ Multiplayer Online Mode

✪ Call your friends to play together on the local network.

✪ Knife mode

✪ Only play with a knife.

✪ Only AWP ✪ Only play with the AWP AWP rifle.

✪ AK47 only ✪ Only play with the AK47 automatic rifle.

✪ Custom Match

✪ Create your own games (create any game cards / rules)


✪ Communicate with friends and other players ★★★

✪ Excellent 3D graphics and sound, perfectly adapted for new games. ★★★

✪ Up to 5vs5 multiplayer online PvP battle mode, fair fight! ★★★

✪ Use less mobile data in real-time matches. ★★★

✪ TOP 10 online games PvP FPS! ★★★

✪ Sniper Arena and Bravo Sniper Game Modes ★★★

✪ Many commands for counters (SWAT, GIGN, Special Forces, Printing …) ★★★

✪ Many teams for terrorists (anarchist, gangster, balkans …) ★★★

This year, the best 3D graphics of First Person Shooter will make you spend time playing Critical Strike!

If you are dead, do not forget where you get for a counter strike, take revenge! Join the competitive battle in most handheld FPS based skills!

If you’ve always wanted to play on your mobile device a great multiplayer shooter, now your dreams are true!

You can enjoy improved graphics and alluring sound effects of these free online games!

Are you ready to attack the enemies?

Amazing multiplayer game FPS Online CS!

A first-person shooter and a multiplayer shooter, made with Unity to optimize the online FPS pistol.

Regular updates and new items are waiting for you!

Download now and join the Critical Strike community!


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