City Error Strike

Counter Strike City Terror

Eliminate terrorists in your city!

Kill all the terrorists in the counter operation. and keep your city from terrorists. You are the last element of the elite commando sniping unit is in the city.

Terrorists have captured your city. Thus, your duty is to eliminate all terrorists and save your city.

This is an excellent sniper war game, hopefully you will like it! how to play

There are 4 buttons in the game, shooting, aiming, changing the gun and rotating buttons.

The left side of the screen rotates. and 3 buttons are located on the right side of the screen.

Counter city terror strike features:

• Timer

• The enemy of Radar

• Unlock level

• Real milieu environments

• 16 levels to play so far!

• 2 Semi-automatic sniper rifles with additional options.

• Crisp and charming music and sound effects.

• Stunning graphics and beautiful.

• No annoying in the app purchase. 100% free of charge.

• Fun and addictive. Suitable for all ages.

Experience the best city Counter Strike game on Android platforms.

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