Block Strike

Play an exciting dynamic first-person shooter with friends and other players on the network. Gather with your friends your team, create clans, and win together in dynamic battles.

Buy weapons, improve it, change the look of your weapon, as well as the character.

** Modes **

At the moment in the game more than 15 different game modes from which you can distinguish:

– Team fight

– Death Run

– Arms race

– The Hunger Games

– Zombie Survival

– Bunny Hop

– Surf

** Maps **

More than 60 different cards, on which every day there are dynamic battles. From small cards for a small group of friends, to huge cards on which you have to work hard to win.

** Weapons **

More than 40 types of weapons to your taste: pistols, submachine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, rifles and melee weapons.

** Skins and stickers **

Change the appearance of the weapon with skins, and do not forget to stick a sticker. All this you can get from cases for free, and for the game currency, which you can get for the battles conducted. Create your own unique weapons, which even your friends will envy.


  1. It’s easy to control. Really cool game modes! And awesome maps. Though alot of ads. But its still a great game.

  2. This is the most beautiful game ever I see. I hope the developers added a new mod like battle royal, maze, hide and seek. Okay that’s all for today bye! ( ・ω・ )ノ

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