Battleground Counter Attack Army: Gunner 2018

Get ready for a hardcore classic game FPS Counter Counter. The real swat team is going to fight a real war on the deadly battlefield. This time you must face the most modern commandos in full action with modern weapons to plant your territory. But you are a real counter-terrorist force, not trained to easily win. Destroy enemy troops and commandos with modern weapons and AK47. Gets a real sense of fighting in a realistic 3D environment. Collect your grenades and replenish your M5 ammo to rip out the explosion of your enemies.

Play with two different teams Swat Counter Terrorist force and terrorists. Use hand-to-hand attacks and throw hand grenades, for the first time in the game with the participation of the first person, we added a pumping action to knock the enemy crazy. Follow the operator’s instructions and clean the mission in the occupied army base. The ultimate war ahead of Sargent, are you ready to fight for victory?

We received information from the highest authorities to destroy the most valuable data stolen from our database, which can be very lethal to our national security stored on the laptop, you need to find it and destroy it, use your special training skills and plan an ambush strategy in area of ​​enemies, make sure that you are in a safe place after completing the mission. You are responsible for the safety of civilians, you understand very well that the political personality is kidnapped, and the authorities are informed about saving him, 

that we do not trade with our rivals, we go out with your alliances and save a political personality without any trade, you must provide it at any cost, you need to be very careful that we have information that the entire territory of the enemy must be a field for mines, make sure that you do not hit any of them, and we do not want any casualties. 

Playing this battle game Commando will make you feel like a real team fighting terrorism and a counter-sniper team with one-on-one struggle against enemies. These are not modern combat assault games, you are the commander of a counter-terrorist group, so play as a thriller with real snipers, AK47, M5 and shooting guns on which you are trained. In military games, you can only win a strategically planned battle. Just aim and shoot to kill, Fire with weapons and kill every enemy, make sure that no one will stay and return to the point of extraction. Let’s play in the greatest military game in the world on your smartphones. Command your counter terrorist force in combat and combat fields to win every war. Once your gun comes out of ammo instead of recharging, you change your weapon to kill the enemy from the front, recharging your weapons takes time, and then replacing it. Let me know your presence to the enemy, shoot at the fire and kill to shoot this game 2018. Play at your own peril and risk and beat all your friends in multiplayer mode. Play as a commander of the special forces team to confront the terrorist with brutal armed commando terrorists who are engaged in blackout and war against your command fortress. Attacking the enemy will not allow you to take a breath to shoot, until each of them is in this free game of 2018. 

Battleground Counter Attack Army: Gunner 2018 a real sense of shooting and war, playing in the battlefields. Start downloading this terrorist now for free.

Features of the battle Counter Counter Attack Army: Gunner 2018:

• Free to play.

• Multiple characters to choose from.

• Deadly and modern weapons for killing and shooting.

• Realistic enemy AI.

• First person shooting experience.

• Next Gen 3D graphics.

• Realistic controls with joystick.

• Player’s rewards.

• Beautiful game environment.


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