Mission Counter Strike

The mission of Counter Strike is to be the best commando, as you are called upon to show off your sniper shooting skills, being an elite sniper to use assault guns with an unlimited number of bullets to take a shot at the enemies head. Snipe and shoot the enemy before they hunt for you, for a limited time in this real shooting game. The moment you launch it, your shot will be heard and the enemy will find out about your presence, so start shooting until each one falls into your mission! Are you ready to take the shots in the head?

Log in every day to receive a daily bonus! High bonus on the 30th day!

Mission Counter Strike Features:

1. Take on hundreds of military missions in incredible 3D environments.

2. Update weapons from a wide range of weapons.

3. 4 types of realistic fighting arenas.

4. The bullet will be loaded automatically.

5. Smooth controls and addictive game


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