Alien Desert Counter Strike

Download the only alien desert counter strike on android : Alien Desert Planet Counter Strike
You are stranded on an alien planet after an interplanetary mission went wrong.
Your crew has been killed by the aliens and you are the sole frontline commando left.
The aliens has sent a spaceship to hunt you down. Your job is to survive the attack and
ascend into the space ship with the hope of hijacking it to get back to Earth home somehow.
***** 3D First person shooter
***** High energy physics simulation
***** Ambient alien music
***** Realistic day changing environment
***** Bonus – Collect the magazine to power up your Rifle
Use the left arrow keys to move. Tap on fire button on right to shoot.
Download this game now to go on a mission to counter strike and capture a space ship.


  1. Thrilling Fun to shoot zombies. Only issue is the level is pretty plain and boring needs some improvement

  2. Well crafted The idea is great but i think needs some work to be done… Being in an empty dessert gets boring fast

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